Rosie, We Are Home!

Fran texted Jen when we were in Loomis to let her know we were five minutes away. We turned right, just past the Snoopy mailbox and drove up the dirt driveway continuing the big right turn, up and around the corner, through the open sliding gate. Rosie was leashed with her bright pink leash to the “waiting for pick up spot” as we entered the parking area. When she saw me open my door and start to climb out of the car she jumped up, spun 180 degrees and promptly slipped out of her collar. That was a cute trick she picked up when we first adopted her. I can never tighten her collar so that it isn’t too tight, but such that she cannot slip out of it. Excited, she ran over to me jumping up and down and spinning in circles.
“You’re back!” she yelled.
“Do we have to go home now?” she thought to herself.
Out loud she said, “I am so glad you are back.”
Thought: “Do you want to meet my friends?”
Said: “Mom!! Yay! Mom is here too!”
Thought: “Do I have to leave now?
Said: “I am glad you are back.”
Thought: “My friends here are so much fun.”
Said: “Did you have fun?”
Thought: “Boy!, or I should say Pup!, I am a dog, after all . This was a great week here!”
Said: “I hope you had as much fun as I did. This week was great.”
Thought: “I wonder when Mom and Dad are going away again.”
Said: “Glad you are back.”
Thought: “That was a short week.”
Said: “You’re back.”
Thought: “I guess we will go home now. Away from my friends. Sigh.”
Said: “Let’s go home Dad.”
Thought: “OH NO! He is going to put me in the white wet box and wash me all over with soap then wash me again then walk me, then brush and pull my hair!! I don’t like wet.”
Said: “HI.”
“Ok, Rosie. Let’s get in the car and go home.”
I slipped her collar back over her head and opened the back door for her to jump in. She took a long look at the little dog area where the daycare dogs were all watching her. She turned back to look at me, then looked at them once more before jumping up into the backseat.
Twenty minutes later I pulled into the garage and Mom let Rosie out. During the ride Rosie moved from the back seat to Mom’s lap so she could snuggle down. When I opened the door from the garage to the hallway Rose ran past me, into our bedroom to look at the bed, then out to the living room to look at her bed. After checking her dish for any food or water she headed back to the bedroom, jumped on “our” bed and nested in Mom’s blanket.
“I am soooooo glad to be home, Dad! I just love you and Mom, and our bed! Thank you for coming back! I really missed you.”
“Time for your bath, Rose,” I called. “Rosie? Rosalita? Where are you hiding?”


About Dave Oney

Dave Oney was born mid last century in Middlebury, Vermont. He received his BS in Chemistry and worked as a polymer chemist in Massachusetts and New Jersey. He became a microscopist (someone who studies little bitty things using a microscope) and photomicrographer (someone who photographs little bitty things) before settling into a 35-year career in technical sales of scientific imaging equipment (the science of digitally recording itty bitty things, sending the image to a computer for analysis.) He designed and created a number of products contributing to this field. He is (was) proficient in several computer languages and is currently working on mastering English. After making a few more paradigm shift career changes Dave and his wife, Fran, retired and moved closer to their children and granddaughters and now live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas.
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