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I created ToAHotelSomeplace to promote my book of Ancient Biblical Fiction short stories, “Passages to Ruth” and as a platform to publish more generic short short story fiction (less than 2000 words.)

Short-Short Stories

I have always been a writer. Professionally I wrote instructional manuals for various software products I designed. I guess writing the software would count toward my writing portfolio, but in a far different gender.  I started writing “Passages to Ruth” between jobs in the early 2000’s. Once I retired in 2016 I turned more attention to finishing “Ruth” by completing a couple of stories that stalled mid-write and adding one more (Nashon.)  In October 2017, with the book put to bed, I used a prompt from my writer’s group, “Summertime, and the living is…” I chose to write the story behind the wonderful song by George Gershwin. – Read More ->

Passages To Ruth

Please purchase your copy of “Passages to Ruth,” my short story
collection, (it’s only $5.99 on Amazon)

from Amazon or Kindle.

Long, long ago, in a world lost in the misty past, I wondered about everything. Why is the sky blue?  Why didn’t people on the other side of the earth fall off the earth and up into space?  What if some of the stories we read, or were read to us, didn’t happen exactly the way they were presented?

As George Gershwin so aptly penned:
The t’ings dat yo’ li’ble
To read in de Bible,
It ain’t necessarily so.

Herein are biblical matriarchs and patriarchs without their baggage, (think carry-on only.)  Meet other ancestors who, overlooked as minor characters, waiting patiently in the wings for their day on the stage. Read More ->


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