Preparing to Publish

I admit it. I am nervous.  I decided to publish some of the short stories I wrote some time ago, so, I created an e-Publishing account, read the “how-to” manual and have formatted my first book of short stories, “Passages to Ruth.” I am still wrestling with a name for the genre. When I look at other ePublished books in “Biblical Fiction” most of them are Christian themed works. Mine are all HD (Hebrew Date.)  I found some interesting books under “Ancient Historical Fiction” which reflect modern society’s views of biblical events. I think I found a home.

The first story I wrote is “Ruth.” My concept of Ruth is not the original Jew by Choice woman we imagine. She is a far more human Ruth who is coaxed along her journey. Unfortunately for Ruth, she is the last in the timeline, hence last in her own book.

If you like, or perhaps, do not like Ruth (the person, not the story) wait to you meet Rebekkah, or Caleb, or wait to see what really happened on Mt. Moriah with Isaac and Jacob.

What was Rebekkah’s life before she was betrothed to Abraham? What were her wants and desires for her future? What if she were just a young village girl with all the insecurities and fears common to most?

Have you read about Moses parting the sea to escape the Egyptians? Have you read the theoretical scientific explanation of how the Israelites may have fled across the sea? Check out the “real” story in “Passages to Ruth.”

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